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Our Patient Reviews


  • Very good first experience in a doctor’s office. Both Dr. Rod and Linda seem to care about helping you!

    - Patricia T.
  • The Handly clinic is awesome, with great results.

    - Kelly C.
  • I cannot believe how much better I feel after the first visit. Wish I’d gone sooner.

    - Holly R.
  • Nice going in your clinic. You help patients like me a lot.

    - Enrique B.
  • I really liked the complete explanation of my problem, and the process to help.

    - Chuck B.
  • I left feeling like there was hope that I can be better. Even my first visit has had a positive affect on my pain.

    - Laurie I.
  • Top-notch and effective care, combined with a relaxed and welcoming office… just what we were looking for! Your focus on the activator method was paramount.

    - Liz W.
  • I am thankful for the expedient services provided.

    - Grant H.
  • Already feel better after the first visit!

    - Jenifer B.

What our practice members are saying…

I do not know what I would do without them!

My family and I have been long-time patients at Rod Handly’s office. Whenever I am in a pinch, they are here to help and I always leave feeling 10+ times better. They even helped me get back into shape after my car accident when I was in high school. I do not know what I would do without them!

~McKayla F.

Excellent First Visit

I was very happy to hear I didn’t need medical intervention like I was told. The doctor gave me a thorough exam, listened to me, adjusted me and gave me suggestions I had not heard before. Thank you Dr Handy and your wife for an excellent first visit. I appreciate all your time and kindness.

~Diane H.

You Will Never Regret Going

Anyone that lives in King County and needs the best Chiropractor ever, I know who this is. He is my Chiropractor named Dr. Rod Handley in Renton, WA. He is always advancing with the technology on a daily basis to solve the problems people are having with their bodies and organ failures due to the vertebrates pinching off the nerves that run through the spinal cord.

He does not twist and crack your body around at all. He is well educated and he will have you stand in a upright vertical position and let the table mechanically lower you at a horizontal position. Then he tells you what to do so he can pinpoint the problem areas.

I went through 3 years of Hell with many other chiropractors not fixing me but making things worse for me and it got to the point I was on major pain killers almost every day and I lost all my strength and balance problems that I had and was forced into to using two hands just to lift up a carton of milk and that was massively painful. I was worthless.

You will never regret going to Dr. Rod Handley. I don’t have to take a bunch of pain killers anymore and I gained back all my muscular strength triple fold.

I could not do anything at all but flip an egg or two and that still hurt me. I’m telling you the facts. I’m not trying to sell Dr Rod Handley to gain a thing. If you need some help just trust me for your own sake.

I love not having to set up an appointment with him. His policy is just walk in any time and he will take care of you.

~Robert C.

Exceptional Quality And Care

As a member of the LGBT community, I have found it incredibly safe and comfortable to receive care here. Not only does my back/neck and whole body feel aligned and alive with more energy… I feel welcomed, respected, and well cared for as a person. I certainly view this practice as exceptional for its quality and care. Thank you so much for everything you do!
~Cal O.

Great Service

I have always experienced great service, treatment and a professional manner from Dr. Handley. I also appreciate Linda Handly’s kindness and willingness to take the time to explain policies and practices of the office and any insurance question that may arise.
~Shirley R.

Wow! I’m Full of Energy

I felt like I was dying a slow and miserable death for many years until I got my first adjustment with Dr. Rod Handly. I haven’t felt this great in over a couple of decades. I’m 60 years old and today I feel like I am back to feeling around 25 years old again. I can move super quick and all my balance and coordination are back again like never before. WOW! I’m full of energy I thought I would never have again in my life. What an Amazing Chiropractor Doctor. In my past before meeting Dr. Handly all the other Chiropractors that worked on me made things worse and I needed over the counter pain medications almost everyday to get by due to pain I had to endure. I was weak and tired all the time. I almost lost hope I would ever feel good again and honestly believed I would die in the next couple years the way I was feeling. Thank you so very much Dr. Rod Handly for being such a highly educated Chiropractor in this field that can improve other peoples life’s dramatically without inflicting pain on them.
~Robert C.

I am Very Happy.

I am very happy with the treatment from Dr. Handly. He took my pain away in 2 sessions – he is friendly and has a lot of knowledge and experience. I recommend him to anyone that wants relief of any pain. His approach is unique. I love my pain free back and hips now.
~Tania P.

Thanks For All You Do!

You guys do a Great job!! I love that your practice is a small family owned business, I love getting a quick adjustment and not being made to do all types of additional therapy, I love being able to stop in anytime and never be made to feel I have to reschedule 2 or 3 times in a week. I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Handly will manually adjust my neck just because that’s the way I like it! You guys are warm caring people and the first people who made us feel welcome to Washington after we moved here, thanks for that and all you do!!!

~Kim H.

I Would Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Handly Chiropractic Clinic I always walk out with really good adjustments getting just what I needed fixed and I also feel that they are caring and honest people too!

~Gail P.

You Listen AND Hear Me

Your practice has the personable skills required to keep me for life. You listen AND hear me. You comment and act with knowledge. Your interest is in the whole life, not just the moment. I have, and will continue to refer folks to you. Thanks.

~John G.

Very Professional

Very knowledgeable and professional.

~Linda M.


It is obvious that Dr. Handly is excellent and has a vast amount of experience to draw from.

~Robyn B.

Left Almost Pain Free

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived for my appointment. I was amazed at the difference one visit made. I went in experiencing a lot of pain, and left almost pain free.

~Geri C.

Very Pleased

I am very pleased that Dr. Handly and Linda were very concerned about the pain that I’m experiencing in my neck and back. He is committed and assured me of his confidence that he will relieve me of this agonizing pain that I have.

~ John S.

Feel Better

I am very thankful to my friend, Debbie, who referred me. I felt (and; feel) much better after my treatment, than before I got there:)

~ Barbara O


Thank you for your helpful procedures and flexibility. I enjoyed reading about your time in Egypt.

~ Priscilla B

Glad I Found Your Practice

I am so glad I found your practice, with the help of my sister.

~Debbie S

I’m So Grateful

I’m so grateful that I was able to get right in for a same day appointment as a new patient. That doesn’t happen a lot any more. Thank you!

~ Lisa T

He improved my quality of Life

I’ve been coming to Dr. Handly since 1987. From that first visit he has improved my quality of life. When he was gone for 7 years on a mission I had seen several chiropractors and no one was as good as Dr. Handly and his wife Linda. I have sent many people to him over the years because I feel he is truly the best. When he couldn’t help me with my neck pain he was not hesitant to send me to a MD I always come to him first because he can almost always fix my problem. I love the warm welcoming atmosphere of his office.

Mary Kay

My pain was gone

I came to Dr. Handly with pain in my back and neck after just a coupe visits my pain was gone. Now I visit Dr. Handly on a maintenance schedule. I would recommend Dr. Handly to anybody with neck and back pain.


Dr. Rod Handly listens to me

My first experience with a chiropractor I did not feel like he listened and was too rough with my adjustments. I went a few times and stopped I figured a chiropractor didn’t work for me. My husband got me to com e to Dr. Handly and I have been very pleased. Dr. Rod Handly listens to me, adjusts me accordingly and does a wonderful job. He works with my husband and I and does adjustments according to your specific individual needs. My neck is sensitive and he uses special specific tools to adjust it just right so I feel immediate relief. I have been very pleased and happy I listened to my husband who got me to try treatment with Dr. Handly.


Willing to work with his clients financially

Dr. Handly is a very compassionate person who truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients. It is not normal to find a doctor who is willing to work with his clients financially! He is a cut above the rest.


Genuinely cares about people

I appreciate the service with Dr. Handly

  1. They are always polite and professional.
  2. They genuinely care about the people and the treatment they are providing.
  3. The waiting time is never an issue.


The most effective care from a chiropractor that I ever had

I will always go to Dr. Handly for my chiropractic needs because the experience is such a friendly pleasant experience; beside it being the most effective care from a chiropractor that I ever had!


Explains what is going on with your problems

First of all the service is outstanding. I came in for bad headaches. Now I have no more. My back was way out of line I am so very happy with the results, if you have problems, this is the place to come. It really works try it you’ll like it! Dr. Handly is very helpful and explains what is going on with your problems. They get it gone.


I was amazed how much better I felt

I have been coming to Dr. Handly for 38 years. On my first visit I was feeling very tight in my neck and shoulders. After my 1st visit it felt like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders. I was amazed how much better I felt. I truly believe in chiropractic care and when you can find a doctor that cares like Dr. Handly you stay with them as you can see with me seeing him for 38 + years.


They are very friendly and always helpful

I always feel so much better after visiting Dr. Handly. After working long shifts at a computer all day it feels good to get an adjustment. They are very friendly and always helpful and leave me feeling good.


Life is getting better and better seeing Dr. Handly

Since I’ve been injured getting adjusted By Dr. Handly has been great. I have been sleeping better, communicate better and don’t ache as much. Life is getting better and better seeing Dr. Handly.


Great Adjustments

Fast and great results! I have suggested Dr. Handly to coworkers and friends, all think he is wonderful.


Chiropractor … does keep me in good health

Going to the chiropractor does keep me in good health. Everyone around me is calling out sick and I’ve yet even get the sniffles.


I always feel better after visiting their office

I had neck pain for a long time before going to Dr. Handly. He has helped me so much with that & he and Linda are always friendly. I always feel better after visiting their office. Thank Dr. Rod and Linda


Going to Dr. Handly for 28 years

I have been going to Dr. Handly for 28 years. I enjoy my treatments and my back feels so much better after each adjustment. I am a warehouse worker so there are back problems from the repetitive work. I truly enjoy each treatment and consider the Handlys my friend.


In no time my back is feeling great

When my back starts to bother me I always visit Dr. Handly and in no time my back is feeling great. He is always friendly, always very positive. He keeps me in great shape.


I can now lift my arm over my head again

After several weeks of suffering from pain and limited mobility in my left shoulder; I asked Dr. Handly if there was something he could do. Well after just one treatment my mobility greatly improved. I can now lift my arm over my head again!!! I am looking forward to full use again. Thanks Dr. Handly.


My pain was substantially decreased

I had serious pain after hurting my back at work roofing and I could hardly move without feeling pain. The first visit my pain was substantially decreased. The following visits and the exercises has brought me to a state now of almost full recovery. I highly recommend Rod Handly and his professionalism and giftedness as chiropractor.


Extremely knowledgeable

Dr. Handly is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced practitioner in the field of chiropractic health care and relief. He is very friendly and helpful making each visit a positive experience. His true and honest care for my good health has kept me as a long and faithful customer.


I did not need to suffer

I am 53 years old I had lower back surgery when I was 17 years old. I continued to suffer back issues into my 20’s. When I began seeing Dr. Rod I noticed quickly that I did not need to suffer. Today I feel better and healthier than when I was 20 years old. Now I make sure I see Dr. Rod once a month to ensure I am dialed into perfect health.


I probably should not be walking today

After 2 car accidents where I sustained head injuries and concussions I probably should not be walking today! I credit chiropractic with my full recovery from both accidents. I am pain free and fully functioning. Dr. Rod is a competent knowledgeable and kind practitioner. Visiting him and receiving adjustments is dare I say enjoyable and I actually look forward to the next one. Dr. Rod Knows within seconds where or how I’m experiencing discomfort or pain and immediately provides the exact treatment needed to eliminate it. I highly recommend chiropractic not only for injury recovery or alleviation of pain; I also strongly encourage others to adopt chiropractic as a part of their lifestyle. Chiropractic is holistic treatment by that I mean it naturally addresses whatever is occurring and provides quick relief. Dr. Rod is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a caring competent DC. who produces results consistent with your own health goals. I can’t say enough good things about him or about chiropractic. If you doubt just try it for a while and trust me you won’t be disappointed I’m a walking miracle to prove it.


I had waited too long

When I started with Dr. Handly I had waited too long. Dr. Handly put me back in excellent health within 2 or 3 weeks. With regular maintenance, I remain in good health and it is my belief that chiropractic serves uniquely in maintaining good health- better than PHD. Dr. Handly is the third chiropractor I’ve seen and all were good dr. Handly is in my opinion is the best!


Something I can use for the rest of my life

I came in to have my neck adjusted. It felt better each time I come in. Dr. Handly really knows what he is doing. He also educated me about the structure of the body and let me know how to take care of it, not just for now, but something I can use for the rest of my life. Great doctor he really knows his work.


Immediately felt like I could trust them

One morning I woke up in the worst pain ever!! This was the first time I ever needed a chiropractor and I had no idea where to go. Thankfully I found a listing for Dr. Handly and he had an immediate opening. When I arrived I was greeted by friendly and sympathetic people and immediately felt like I could trust them to help me get better. I especially like the educational approach to treatment that Dr. Handly has with his patients.


I receive excellent care by Dr. Rod.

Every visit is pain relief from chronic neck and back pain that has resulted from past injuries. I will continue to receive care as often as necessary because it works. I highly recommend Dr. Rod’s chiropractic care for anyone with the need.


The doctor was extremely competent

Felt the doctor was extremely competent and a personality I could easily work with. I was quickly set at ease and felt very optimistic about treatment from day one.


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