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Auto Accident & On The Job Injury Chiropractic
at Handly Chiropractic Clinic

person with back pain sitting on couchWhen you have an on the job injury or auto crash injury you have a right to seek care from any type doctor you wish. No matter what your insurance or employer tells you. When someone is in an auto accident or on the job injury, their first inclination might be to see their medical doctor for an evaluation and/or pain pills or physical therapy for exercise and massage. At Handly Chiropractic Clinic, we provide a unique service not provided by medical doctors, physical or massage therapists, to help you recover and heal properly. Of course, we do work with your M.D, PT, and massage therapist.

Doctors of Chiropractic are specialists in that they are the only trained professionals to specifically adjust the spine. Chiropractic care has proven effective for pain relief, restoration of function, mobility, and range of motion while you recover and heal.

Any type of physical trauma, whether on the job or a car accident, may cause serious muscle, ligament and joint damage. Your ligaments hold your bones and joints together, and become damaged and loosen. It’s vital to seek chiropractic care, to maintain the integrity and function of the spine while your muscles, ligaments and joints heal.

Why Should I Seek Care?

When you don’t take care of the functional integrity, you may heal wrong. Bones will heal out of place, your spine won’t heal correctly, and it won’t function properly. The joints may also become damaged, and begin to decay. It’s vital to undergo a chiropractic examination, and receive corrective and maintenance care after any traumatic incident.

After a crash and other traumatic events symptoms can take up to a week to appear. You might feel fine at first, thanks to an adrenaline rush, but ignoring problems now can lead to chronic issues. In addition to whiplash & neck pain, you may experience headache, low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and concussions. Chiropractic care may prevent long-term, and even lifelong, pain and impairment.

Handling Your Claims

  • Auto Accident Injuries: If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, we bill your insurance directly with no out-of-pocket payments by you. If you have a third-party case, (NO PIP), we require you to obtain legal representation to protect your interests, as well as ours or, you must pay as you receive care & submit to the third party for reimbursement when case settles.
  • On-the-Job Injuries: When you’re hurt on the job here in Washington you can go to any doctor you choose that is approved by the Dept. of Labor & Industries. Many employers incorrectly tell you you have to go to the doctor they choose. We will submit your claim & bills to the Department of Labor & Industries in Washington state. It is up to the Adjudicator to approve the claim. If your claim is approved, there is no out-of-pocket expense to you.

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