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Fees & Payment Policies


We Offer:

Option 1: Pay as You Go Discount Plan

  • As insurance copays & deductibles rise, networks & covered procedures shrink & approval for your care by your insurance is required, this plan is easier & can be more economical than filing an insurance claim. It is your choice.
  • Our discounted all-inclusive Initial Consultation, Assessment & Adjustment is $125.
  • Our discounted all-inclusive Follow-up office visits are $75 or
  • Prepay for 4 visits at $199 the cost is $49.75 per visit.
  • There is no time limit to use these visits. Unused balance is refunded on request.
  • No claims or third party reports will be filed.
  • Family visit for 2 or more immediate family members $75 or use prepay visits.
  • We accept: HSA cards (Heath Savings Account)
  • Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard Debit/Credit, Discover, American Express.

Option 2: You Can File an Insurance Claim.

  • Provider for but, not limited to: Regence, Premera, BlueCross/BlueShield
  • All Insurances & healthcare plans have limited coverage with co-pays & non covered services.
  • Non-discounted fees for each procedure dispensed are applied.
  • You may have to file multiple forms to ask your insurance plan to approve your care.
  • Your out of pocket cost depends on the coverage benefits of your plan.
  • You pay non-covered services, deductibles & co-pays.
  • We expect insurance co-pays & non covered services to be paid on day of service.
  • Call Linda at our office (425) 255-6202. She will be happy to help you find your Chiropractic coverage.

Auto Accident Injuries: If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, we bill your insurance directly with no out of pocket payments by you. If you have a third-party case, (NO PIP), we require you to obtain legal representation to protect your interests as well as ours, or you must pay as you receive care & submit to the third party for reimbursement when case settles.

On the Job Injuries: We will submit your claim & bills to Department of Labor & Industries in Washington state. If your case is denied, you are responsible for all costs for your care.

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