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About Handly Chiropractic Clinic

photo fo our building exteriorHandly Chiropractic Clinic has been serving Renton and the neighboring communities since 1948. Dr. Rodney Handly joined his father in practice in 1973 and continues to provide care using the most up-to-date scientific adjusting methods.

Our Mission

Dr. Handy & Linda’s mission is to provide the best chiropractic care possible, so people live healthier and longer lives. We recognize that the brain and nervous system regulates every cell in the body communicating through pathways in the spinal column. When the spine has lost its alignment & motion this interferes with your nervous system functions. This results in the body losing its innate ability to regulate its functions, decreasing optimal health including healing. 

Our approach is simple—to give, love, and serve. We believe health is the most valuable possession. And while we generally meet people after they’ve lost their health or in a health crisis, we’re committed to providing the care they need to get relief now and beyond.


Chiropractic Explained

Excess physical, mental, or chemical stress, strain, or trauma can alter the alignment and motion patterns in the spine. This can result in what we call vertebral subluxations (vertebra that do not move properly). This changes nerve pathways through the spine and interferes with nervous system function. 92% of nerves in the body are motor or trophic nerves (controlling function and repair) while only 8% are sensory nerves (the ones you feel). By making specific gentle chiropractic adjustments to these affected spinal segments, we help restore alignment and motion which removes interference to the nervous system so the body can function properly.

That’s a lot to take in, but it is the explanation as to why some chiropractic patients report improvement in body function. This is not a claim that chiropractic adjustments treat disease, but it does suggest that some people will see improvements in conditions that are outside of the treatment area.

Results You Can See

While living in Iowa and attending Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr. Handly and his wife, Linda, gave birth to their son, who developed an eye infection from birth. Linda, who grew up knowing nothing about chiropractic care took their new baby to a pediatrician who referred them to an eye doctor, who gave them a prescription and told them to come back in a week and he said, “if that doesn’t work”, he would try another medicine.

Dr. Handly told Linda maybe we should have him checked by a chiropractor. Linda, a little confused & reluctant to try chiropractic care before using the medication, agreed to take their baby, who was about 14 days old, to be checked and adjusted if necessary. The chiropractor told them their baby had the top bone in his neck misaligned (subluxated), compressing his brain stem. He made a very gentle adjustment and told them not to worry, that it would be cleared up in the morning and explained that babies respond very quickly to chiropractic care.
While initially skeptical, Linda was pleasantly surprised to see their son’s eyes clear the next day. It was a totally unexpected outcome because she didn’t realize how health conditions are affected by misalignment in the spine (subluxation.)

The experience changed her mindset on healthcare and strengthened her commitment to what they were going to do in life. chiropractic became more than a business; it’s a lifestyle, and they continue to live it.

Start Today

Take the first step toward relief by contacting our Renton practice today and making an appointment to discuss your health concerns and goals.

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