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What to Expect     Your First Visit

Knowing what to expect when you begin chiropractic care will help you understand what we are doing, why & what it will cost. We have found that the more a person understands about the process, the better their results.

 On your first visit, I aim to get to know you as a person not a health condition to be cared for. I will be asking about your lifestyle & health history. I will ask about dietary habits, training programs, occupation, etc. Of course, questions about your current symptoms are especially important-How long have you had the problem(s)? How did it start? Does anything make it worse? Better? & so on.

 It’s important to know that chiropractic care is different from medical treatment—not superior or inferior, different. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I take a different approach addressing basic underlying causes. When physical, chemical, & mental/emotional stresses overload your nervous system’s functions, this can affect a myriad of your body functions resulting in symptoms of pain, discomfort & ill health. Most people recognize neck & back pains as common effects but do not realize all your body functions can be affected. When this happens in your spine, the Doctor of Chiropractic calls this Vertebral Subluxation (V.S.).

 I will conduct a chiropractic examination observing your posture, & mechanical movements in your spine, test muscles, neurological reflexes, & joint motions to detect any abnormalities that indicate V.S. that may be affecting or causing your condition. In some cases, we will need to collect more data in assessing your condition. Diagnostic studies may include X-rays & MRIs. If these studies are necessary, I will refer you to a specialized lab.

With all this information, I will determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care & if I will accept your case. I only accept people that I feel I can help & make a difference in their life. I may, also, determine the need for a referral to another health-care professional.

 Quite simply, I will explain what I see is wrong with you & what I plan on doing about it. Chiropractic care is primarily focused on administering spinal adjustments. These adjustments are intended to unlock V.S. relieving nervous system interferences allowing your body to rebalance & heal. No other health practitioner is trained to perform this unique service.

 In addition to the spinal adjustments, you will be given home procedures & other lifestyle recommendations to enhance your care & your health. I hope to communicate the value of chiropractic care not only for the relief of pain & discomfort but, in maintaining an optimal functioning spinal & nervous system relative to a healthy functioning body. I am committed to teaching our patients that true health is natural & a journey, not a destination.

How Much Care Will You Need! As with any recommended health care, it is your body & your right to follow recommendations or not. Many people come to experience that they handle their stress better, have more vitality, stay healthier & pain free with regular chiropractic care. We respect your decision in how you choose to utilize our care. So, if you decide you’ve had enough chiropractic care, don’t just fade away, let me know so we can celebrate your results & send you on your way. Our door will always be open when you decide you need more care.



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