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New Patients at Handly Chiropractic Clinic

Answering Your Need

We’re happy you are considering us as your chiropractic health care provider. Your care is always based on your needs, not ours. Your first visit to our office requires a 30-minute appointment. Walk-ins are accommodated for established patients.


Improving Mobility, Health, & Quality of Life

Answering Your Need-No one likes pain, discomfort, or ill health, but they are warning signals that limits have been reached or changes need to be made.

Chiropractic Care Explained- Physical, chemical, or mental stress can cause incoherence & resistance in your nervous system resulting in functional imbalances. Left unchecked these imbalances can progressively express spinal dysfunction, pain, discomfort, & ill health.

Many people use chiropractic care for neck & back pain relief.  I hope to communicate the value chiropractic care plays in maintaining your health & optimal wellbeing.

The Doctor of Chiropractic does not treat pain & disease but recognizes the body’s innate recuperative intelligence that directs & harmonizes all your body functions through your nervous system.  Chiropractors introduces a gentle corrective force (chiropractic adjustment) releasing resistance in your spine & nervous system enabling your body in expressing its full potential.  That’s a lot to take in, but it is the explanation as to why some chiropractic patients report improvement in body function

 How Much Care Will You Need?-After your first adjustment you & I together will find a care frequency that meets your maintenance needs.  Many people have experienced  stresses that resulted in permanent damage that requires more consistent care than others.

Most of my patients have come to experience that they handle their stresses in life easier, have more vitality, stay healthier &  pain free with consistent chiropractic care so they make it a part of their health maintenance lifestyle. It is always up to you how much care you decide to receive. We respect your decision in how you choose to utilize our care. Our doors are always open to you. We are here to meet your needs.

When you arrive Linda & I  (Dr. Handly) will  greet you with a smile & our full attention. Upon completion of our intake form, I  will review the details of your current condition & your health history. As I perform my evaluation I will explain what I  find & its significance.  I will  explain how chiropractic care can help you & answer any questions or concerns you may have. If  I accept your case, your care can start immediately if you choose.

If I feel  X-ray, MRI or other diagnostic  tests are necessary, I will refer you to specialized labs where  a specialist & I  will analyze them.

I am committed to teaching our patients that true health is natural & a journey, not a destination.  Maintenance care must be applied with consistency to continue feeling & being healthy.  I  hope to communicate the value of chiropractic care not only for the relief of pain & discomfort but, in maintaining an optimal functioning nervous system relative to a healthy functioning body.  How often you should be checked & adjusted is based on your age, physical condition & the physical, toxic, & emotional stress levels in your life.

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