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What to Expect

I will:  ● Listen   ● Address your concerns & fears  ● Assess & explain your condition

My primary care is a series of specific chiropractic adjustments precisely targeted to alleviate misalignment, dysfunction & nerve interference that results in pain, discomfort & disease.  Keep in mind your body is self-healing which is coordinated through your nervous system.  Regular Chiropractic care supports healthy spinal biomechanics & your ability to self-heal.

I use the Activator technique. There is no jerking, twisting or popping of the neck & back, making adjustments extremely gentle & comfortable.   I will also recommend home procedures to enhance your progress.

Your care visits are frequent initially then reduced as you stabilize.  Continuing your care as you feel better with regular maintenance checkups & adjustments catch little imbalances before they set in.  How often you should be checked is based on your stress levels.  Many times, problems with scar tissue & ligament damage create a weak spot in the spine that is likely to act up from time to time.  This will require ongoing supportive care for the rest of your life.  It is always up to you how much care you choose to receive.  We respect whatever your decision in how you utilize our care.  We  are here to meet your needs.

How Long Will It Take to Get Results?  This depends on your age, overall physical conditions, the physical, chemical & emotional stresses in your life & your compliance to your care plan.

Ready to get started? Please call my Renton office to arrange a time so that I may meet you and discuss your particular health issue.


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