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What to Expect


On your first visit, Dr. Rodney Handly, D.C., will conduct a chiropractic assessment to determine if  he expects you will respond to chiropractic care.  The assessment & future care will be carefully performed & should not be uncomfortable.

If Dr. Handly is willing to accept you as a practice member, he will initiate a program of care with your agreement.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Handly offers different care than medical doctors, massage & physical therapists.  Chiropractic is a unique practice founded on the same basic sciences & research as medicine but with a different philosophical & practical intent.  Chiropractors do not diagnose & treat diseases or prescribe drugs or surgery.

Keep in mind your body is innately self-healing & your nervous system is the master system controlling & directing every function in your body including healing.  When your spine adapts for chronic or acute mental, chemical & physical stress in your life, it causes nervous system interference.  This is called vertebral subluxation.  Subluxations adversely affects your brain/body communication hindering your body functions including healing.  Dr. Handly’s intent will be to  alleviate nervous system interference allowing optimal functions.  A series of consistent visits will be needed to create the momentum to make lasting spinal changes.  This provides a reasonable probability of reducing impairments, so you will feel & function better while arresting any progression

Dr. Handly’s care is methodical & gentle using the only assessment protocols & instrument adjusting technique (Activator Method®) backed by clinical trials.  The adjusting instrument (the Activator) dispenses a controlled low energy wave into the dysfunctional joint.  This wave reactivates joint function reducing nerve interference enabling your body to re-balance & heal.  There is no twisting or popping your joints.  Multiple office visits regimens are employed because each adjustment builds on the last, so consistency with your care is important.  As your care progresses & impairment & visit frequency are reduced, Dr. Handly can introduce you to specific home practices to manage underlying stresses that cause setbacks.  How long you decide to benefit from your chiropractic care is up to you.  At any time, you feel you’ve had enough care & want to stop; it is not a problem.  We are here to serve your needs.  Please let us know so we can celebrate any success we have had & say good bye or see you next time.  You are always welcomed back any time when you want more care.  We have practice members who come for relief only & those who come for support to maintain optimal functions correcting small imbalances before they set in.  Again, it is up to you.

The Cost of Your Care:                                                                                                                                                                                   Option 1:  Our all inclusive discounted office visit is $45 or  pre-pay 5 visits is $175. ($35 /visit).   There is no time limit to use these visits & no insurance claims will be filed or reports to a 3rd party.  As insurance copays/deductibles rise & networks shrink this plan can be more economical than filing an insurance claim.

Option 2:  We will file a claim with your insurance plan if you have coverage.  Standard non-discounted fees for each procedure are applied.  Your out of pocket cost depends on the benefits of your insurance plan.  You pay non-covered services, deductibles & co-pays.  We expect your insurance co-pays to be paid on day of service.

Chiropractic care does not treat anything.  It’s designed to reduce interference to your body’s innate ability to heal.

You have the options at home & in other facilities available for symptom treatment.  Likely, you have tried many of these approaches already such as over-the-counter pain relieving & anti-inflammatory drugs, exercise, heat, cold, rest, massage, bracing, medical care with prescription drugs (muscle relaxers, stronger anti-inflammatory & pain-relieving drugs) injections & surgery.

Ready to get started? Please call our Renton office to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue.


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