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What to Expect on Your First Visit,

First & foremost I will listen.  I want to know what you are feeling & how your problem is affecting your daily life.   I will address your concerns, fears & answer all your questions. I will conduct a chiropractic assessment to determine if  I expect you will respond to chiropractic care.  X-rays are not necessary in every case.  I use a functional assessment & analysis.  If I need an x-ray to advance your case I will send you to an x-ray lab.  Only If I feel I can help you will I initiate a program of care with your agreement.

How is Dr. Handly Going to Help Me?  If my physical examination finds dysfunctional joints & body imbalance causing your symptoms.  My intent is to relieve these joint dysfunctions so you can re-balance.  This provides a reasonable probability of improving your musculoskeletal functions, relieving any nerve interference, your symptoms, impairments & arresting a degenerative progression.

I Use A Scientifically Advanced Method.  The Activator Method is effective, safe, & gentle with no twisting or popping your joints.  My assessment is focused & methodical to determine specific levels of dysfunction. I use the most scientifically advanced adjusting instrument, the Activator V, which dispenses a low energy wave over the joint activating your body’s nerves relieving joint dysfunction.  Symptom relief will range from immediate to gradual lessening as joint & nerve functions improve & body balance returns.  I initially recommend intensive care daily or every other day reducing  frequency as your condition progresses. On each office visit chiropractic adjustments will be dispensed at the specific levels & areas with the Activator V to relieve the segmental and somatic dysfunction indicated by examination.  At times intersegmental traction may be used to improve joint motion.   Adjustment frequency & how you are responding is based on the number, pattern & location of the dysfunctional joints & body imbalance, as well as your activities in daily living impairment intensity & mental, chemical & physical stresses present in your life.  This creates the momentum to make lasting changes.


Ready to get started? Please call our Renton office to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue.


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